Leading Manufacturer Of Machine In China.

Leading Manufacturer Of Machine In China.


About HUNSONE Machine

A choice that makes the difference

HUNSONE is factory diret sale. We manufacture CNC electro-hydraulic press brakes, NC hydraulic press brakes, full-electric press brakes, CNC guillotine hydraulic shearing machines, swing beam hydraulic shearing machines, CNC gantry V grooving machines, CNC vertical v grooving machines, hydraulic ironworkers, and related metalworking machines.

HUNSONE machines are welded by thick and hard steel sheet. The structure is processed at one time completely by a heavy-duty boring and milling machine. HUNSONE insists to use best quality and worldwide brands configurations to make every machines.

HUNSONE machines are designed, developed, and maintained by professional engineers and technical experts to meet precise specifications and industry standards. They will give solutions in 12 hours. HUNSONE are backed by robust after-sales service and support.

HUNSONE offers great value for money, under same qualiy class, we make sure our price must be most competitive. Trust is precious, and if you choose HUNSONE, we won’t let you down.Thank you.

Quality Assurance

At HUNSONE, we implement a strict inspection system and have obtained several certifications, including CE, SGS, ISO9001 and CQC. To ensure that our machines meet industry standards and are durable.

Competitive Prices

Backed by a large factory, a strong team, optimized management and new technology, we offer high quality and competitively priced machines.

Fast Delivery

Specify the delivery time and promise the latest delivery time, production and delivery as soon as possible, in case of delay in delivery will be compensated (except force majeure).


To meet your specific requirements for their machines, customization options are available.


A comprehensive warranty and maintenance program is available. Our trained engineers provide global and local support and services.

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Why Do Companies Choose HUNSONE

Competitive Price

By using volume production methods, we are able to offer you highly competitive prices and provide unmatched value for your investment.

Competitive Price

Factory direct sales, with a strong team and the latest technical support, to your investment and production to create higher efficiency, lower costs.

Technical And Field Support

Our team consists of 5 highly skilled after sales professionals, each with over 10 years of experience. They can provide 24-hour support, respond within 30 minutes during the day, and provide 24-hour online assistance to schedule overnight enquiries by appointment.

Technical And Field Support

High quality service, the latest technology, high precision equipment, unparalleled offers, looking forward to your consultation.

The Delivery Time Is Short

We are committed to timely delivery, ensuring that standardised machines will arrive within 20 days, with a maximum delivery time of 45 days only on special request.

The Delivery Time Is Short

With high technical support, during delivery for you to produce high-precision and efficient equipment, production progress is informed by the staff.

Quality Control

We ensure product quality through a rigorous inspection process, including comprehensive one-step inspection and thorough 24 hour stress testing. Only 100% of products that pass these checks are eligible for delivery.

Quality Control

Every step of the production process is inspected by engineers, and a comprehensive inspection is carried out once again when leaving the factory to ensure the safe delivery of the machine

Enterprise Certificate

At HUNSONE, we implement a strict inspection system and have obtained several certifications, including CE, SGS, ISO9001 and CQC. To ensure that our machines meet industry standards and are durable.


We are proud to be a trusted partner for many well-renowned companies across diverse industries worldwide.




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