Introduction Of CNC Press Brakes

CNC Press brakes are also known as electro-hydraulic press brakes. The controller system and linear scale of the electro-hydraulic press brakes can control the accuracy of the machine during operation. The CNC controllers can set all the bending parameters to ensure the accuracy of the bending program. The main body of the press consists of two C-shaped frames on the left and right sides. The bottom table and top crossbeam are connected to the C-frames.

machine structure

Frame Of CNC Press Brakes

The frame is the main structure that supports the entire machine. It is usually a high-strength, all-welded C-frame and consists of vertical plates on the left and right sides, the worktable, and the connecting structure. The depth of the frame is comparable to the depth of the throat, providing a lot of bending space The frame also has monitoring tools to detect rebound and keep it to a minimum level.

welded structure

Ram Of CNC Press Brakes

The movement of the ram consists of the following four parts: machine homing, quick down, working stroke, and return. It can be divided into top and bottom parts. It is also a drive mechanism component that applies pressure to the machine.

In addition, the ram is made of a steel plate and can be connected to a cylinder by a piston rod, driven by synchronized hydraulic cylinders on both sides. Linear scales on both sides of the ram provide precise positioning for synchronized movements.

grating ruler


Italy Givi Grating Ruler

Worktable Of CNC Press Brakes

The work table is the foundation of the bending machine. The tool holders for the bottom dies are mounted on the work table. The work table is one of the three components of the press brake (left and right cylinders, table, and slide) and consists of the base and the plate.

Motorized Crowning System Of CNC Press Brakes

HUNSONE adaptive DZDY brand CNC crowning system allows the user to compensate for beam deformation during the bending process, ensuring a consistent angle along the entire length of the sheet.

CNC Crowning System

CNC Press Brake Axis

Y(Y1, Y2) The R-axis controls the up-and-down movement of the back gauge; the R-axis is divided into R1 and R2, both of which can be moved up and down independently on the left and right side
X(X1, X2) The X-axis controls mainly the forward and reverse movement of the back gauge. It can be divided into X1 and X2 axis, which enable the back gauge to move back and forth independently on the left and right sides.
R (R1, R2) The V-axis adjusts the press brake’s beam and table surface. Overloaded workpieces can cause problems with bulging.
Z (Z1, Z2) The Z-axis controls the left and right movement of the back stopper of the press brake. The Z1 and Z2 axis can be positioned independently of each other by programming. The Z axis is useful when multiple bending steps and cycles are required to bend a metal sheet.
V Crowning The V-axis adjusts the press brake’s beam and table surface. Overloaded workpieces can cause problems with bulging.

CNC Press Brake Axis

Fast Clamps Of CNC Press Brakes

Press brake clamps are used to hold tools and are divided into upper clamps and clamps on the table. The upper clamp can be automatically centered during the clamping process. It can be used for quick clamping and removal of the top punch. It contains a fixture base and a front platen device, which can adjust the mold to ensure even force, prevent damage to the slide, and stably ensure the machining accuracy of the workpiece.

Fast Clamps

Press Brake Toolings Of CNC Press Brakes

The press brakes toolings are divided into punch (top molds) and die (lower mold). Hunsone factory provides gooseneck punch, acute punch, U-shaped die, multi-V die, radius toolings, and so on.

Press Brake Toolings

Hydraulic System Of CNC Press Brakes

The hydraulic system is used to control the pressure and flow of the hydraulic cylinder. It mainly consists of a motor, oil pump, oil injection valve, and oil cylinder, which is installed on the frame of the bending machine, and there is one oil cylinder on each of the left and right vertical plates. The hydraulic pump converts mechanical energy into hydraulic pressure energy to drive the hydraulic system. The hydraulic cylinder converts liquid pressure into kinetic energy to drive the plunger.

Hydraulic System

CNC Press Brakes Controllers

As the brain of the bending machine, the controller receives input commands in the form of words, numbers, symbols, and graphics, constituting processing instructions. Currently, the most popular brands of controllers on the market include Delem, ESA, and Cyblec.

There are two versions of controllers: push button and touch screen. And 2D and 3D graphic programming is available to simulate the bending process.

Controller Brand Country MaximumSupport Axis Programming CAD Drawings Import
CT8PS Cybelec Switzerland 4+1 Manual programming No
DA53T Delem Netherlands 4+1 Manual programming
(2D programming needs extra cost)
DA58T Delem Netherlands 4+1 2D programming and 2D simulation No
DA66T Delem Netherlands 8+1 2D programming and 3D simulation optional function. need extra fee
DA69T Delem Netherlands 8+1 3D programming and 3D simulation Yes
ESA875 ESA Italy 8+1 3D programming and 3D simulation Yes


Safety Devices Of CNC Press Brakes

Advanced protection devices include light curtains and laser protection devices.

Light Curtain


Laser protection


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