Difference Between Guillotine Shear And Swing Beam Shear

Hunsone hydraulic shearing machines can shear over 10% of the standard. Hydraulic shearing machines can be divided into guillotine shear and swing beam shear.

The Use Of Guillotine Shear And Swing Beam Shear 

Guillotine shear: Used in automobiles, tractors, rolling stock, ships, motors, instrumentation, and other industries, for a variety of high-strength alloy plate stretching work is also applicable.

Swing beam shear: Used in the power industry aviation and other industries for sheet metal stretching, bending, extrusion, forming, and other processes.

Differences In Frame Structure

Guillotine shear: The guillotine shear adopts the frame structure using all-steel welding; four corners of the eight sides of the right-angle guide, high precision, good rigidity, and the use of hydraulic pre-tensioning. Guillotine shearer with the upper ram and the lower hydraulic pad double-action function, the working pressure stroke can be adjusted within the specified range according to the process requirements, easy to operate using the button centralized control.

Swing beam shear: The swing beam shear should be able to ensure that the straightness and parallelism of the shear surface of the sheared sheet are required, and minimize the distortion of the sheet, to obtain high-quality workpieces. The upper blade of the shear is fixed on the knife frame, the lower blade is fixed on the worktable. There is a material ball installed on the working table so that the plate will not be scratched when sliding on it.

Frame comparison of Guillotine Shear And Swing Beam Shear

Guillotine shear: Adopting a three-point support axis rolling guide, the upper knife frame in the rolling guide for gapless rolling, turning the handwheel can adjust blade service life.

The movable blade support and four-edged long blade are convenient for adjusting the blade gap uniformity, improving the shear quality and prolonging the service life of the blade. Motorized backstop device and electronic counter, easy to adjust the backstop position.

Swing beam shear: the use of oblique edge shear, due to the simple structure, low failure rate, high shear efficiency, and shear plate does not occur after bowing, warping, twisting, and deformation and is widely used. In the shearing process, with the knife frame to do rotary movement, swing shear shear angle and shear clearance will change.

Difference In Blades Movement Method

Guillotine shear knife frame is and down movement, is relative to the lower blade for vertical straight-line movement to ensure that the shear plate and distortion deformation are small, straightness is more accurate, and the accuracy of the swing beam shears two times the precision.

Swing beam shear is a circular motion, the swing beam shear knife frame body is curved to the point of the arc to contact to ensure the straightness of the shear material.

Comparison of bladesDifference In Cutting Effect

Guillotine shear: Guillotine shear usually has a high shearing speed, shear precision is also high, suitable for handling a large number of workpieces and some thick plates. Generally, when the plate is more than 8MM, we call this plate the thick plate, then you should choose the guillotine shear because the shearing effect is better.

Swing beam shear: Swing beam shear cutting speed is relatively slow, with relatively low shear accuracy, suitable for dealing with smaller batches of workpieces and some thin plates. Generally, when the plate is only 2-3MM or 8MM or less, this belongs to the thin plate, You can choose the swing beam shear, not only to save costs, but the shear effect and the guillotine shear are almost the same.

Differences In Functions

Guillotine shear:

The angle can be adjusted according to different plates.

The blade gap can be adjusted electrically.

Blade gap: upper 4 lower 4.

Swing beam shear:

The angle can not be adjustable, it is fixed.

The blade gap can only be adjusted manually.

Blade gap: Upper 2 lower 4.

Comparison of the mediation gap

Comparison of the cutting edge

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