Get CNC & NC Press Brake Machine Differences In 1 Second

Both CNC and NC press brake machines are suitable for processing stainless steel, ordinary steel plates, and other plates. The main CNC and NC press brake machine difference lies in whether there is computer control and whether it has automatic feedback. The result is that the processing speed, precision, and efficiency are different.

Introduction Of Press Brake Machine

CNC press brake is the abbreviation of computer numerical control press brake, which uses a computer control system to precisely control the movement of the machine. Users can write complex programs to control the movement of the bending machine as needed to achieve more precise bending operations. The CNC bending machine can also store and manage multiple bending programs, which is convenient for repeated use and mass production.

NC press brake is the abbreviation of numerical control press brake, which controls the movement of the machine through pre-programming. The NC bending machine needs to use pre-programmed programs to control the operation of the bending machine. These programs usually consist of simple instructions, such as specifying the bending angle, bending position, and moving speed.

Mainly Differences Are As Follows

Control System Of Press Brake Machine

CNC press brake machine uses an advanced computer numerical control system, and NC bending machine uses a relatively simple numerical control system. The control system of the CNC press brake machine is more flexible, can handle more complex bending tasks, and has higher precision and stability.

CNC Press Brake Machine Control System

CNC Press Brake Machine Standard DA53T Control System Features

      • “Hot-key” touch navigation

      • 10.1″ high-resolution colour TFT

      • Upto 4 axis (Y1,Y2, X,R)

      • Crowning control

      • Tool/ material/ product library

      • Servo and frequency inverter control

      • Advanced Y-axis control algorithms for 

      • closed-loop as well as open-loop valves.

      • Tandem Link (option)

      • USB memory stick interfacing

      • Profile-53TL offline software

    NC Press Brake Machine Control System

    NC Press Brake Machine Standard E21 Control System Features

        • Back gauge and ram stroke control

        • Intelligent and unilateral positioning

        • Work-piece counting function

        • Holding/decompression time setting

        • 40programs stored, 25 steps per program

        • One key back- up/restore of parameters

      Programming Method

      The CNC bending machine uses a graphical programming interface, which can be programmed and edited through CAD/CAM software. NC bending machines usually use a simple text programming method and need to write bending instructions in advance.

      Program Storage

      The CNC bending machine can store and manage multiple bending programs to facilitate subsequent reuse and mass production. NC bending machines usually can only store limited programs and need to manually adjust parameters to switch.


      CNC bending machine has higher flexibility and can realize multi-axis control and complex bending actions. It can freely adjust the bending angle, pressure, and position to meet the requirements of different workpieces. The NC bending machine is relatively simple and can only complete basic straight-line bending operations.

      Degree Of Automation

      CNC bending machine has a higher degree of automation. It is usually equipped with an automatic loading and unloading system, which can realize continuous and efficient production.

      More Detail Comparisons As Follow

      Item CNC Press Brake Machine NC Press Brake Machine
      Ram synchronization A stable synchronous performance CNC controller can detect and correct ram inclination. Torsion-bar type
      Ram mechanically
      Bending angle calculation Automatically /
      Feedback of bending depth Automatically /
      Worktable crowning Automatically /
      Angular correction Automatically /
      Back gauge position Automatically Manually
      Programming method Easy program modification and editing Program cylinder stroke and back gauge movement
      Unfolding length CNC Controller can calculate it according input data(DA-58T, DA-66T, DA-69T) /
      Interference calculation Automatically /
      Ram down speed 160-180mm/s 80-100mm/s
      Bending angle accuracy ≤18’ ≤30’
      Back gauge axis Several CNC axes for optional Only X axis

      More Details videos can check our YouTube Channel

      The CNC press brake machine is suitable for complex bending processes, and the programming is more flexible and precise. NC bending machine is suitable for a simple bending process, and the operation is relatively simple.

      It should be noted that these differences are not absolute, because of the continuous advancement of technology, Some NC bending machines can also use graphical programming interfaces and more advanced control systems. However, in general, CNC bending machines are more advanced and efficient in terms of control capability, flexibility, and automation. Choosing an NC bending machine or CNC bending machine needs to comprehensively consider the complexity of your bending task, production requirements, budget constraints, and future development prospects.

      In short, the bending machine is an important metal processing equipment, which realizes the processing requirements of various shapes and angles by bending metal sheets. It plays an important role in manufacturing and other industries


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