How To Quickly Understand Guillotine Shearing Machine

Introduction To Guillotine Shearing Machine

The main structural parts of the HUNSONE guillotine shearing machine include a frame, ram, scissors arm, knife holder, workbench, and so on. HUNSONE Guillotine hydraulic shearing machines adopt a whole welding structure, the main parts annealing treatment, releasing internal stress.

The cutting system consists of a tool holder, a blade, and a blade-adjusting device. The cutter seat is installed on the cutting arm, the blade is fixed on the cutter seat, and the blade clearance can be adjusted through the blade adjustment device to adapt to the cutting of the workpiece with different thicknesses.

The hydraulic system is the power source of driving shear action, including the hydraulic oil tank, hydraulic motor, hydraulic pump station, etc. It provides enough pressure and force through the hydraulic cylinder to drive the slider up and down to achieve the cutting action.

The electrical system is mainly composed of motors, controllers, electrical components, etc., responsible for controlling the operation and operation of the entire shears.

Introduction Of The Guillotine Shearing Machine System

Controller System ESTUN E21S

Controller System ESTUN E21S
  • Back gauge ( X-axis ) movement control.
  • The unit is millimeters per inch.                  
  • Store 40 programs, each with 25 steps.
  • Through CE certification, to meet the overseas market demand.
  • Shear stroke built-in relay, easy to operate, cost saving.
  • Rear stop intelligent unilateral positioning, can also be manually adjusted as required.
  • With one-click backup function/recovery parameter function/job counting function.
  • HD LCD screen with Chinese/English language options.
  • Dual programmable digital output, one-page display of programming parameters, faster when writing programs.

Controller System P40T

Controller System P40T
  • TFT-Display with touch operation
  • Manual function                    
  • Single set operation
  • Program memory
  • Digital outputs until 2A
  • Analog outputs
  • Material depending on gap, angle, and pressure calculation
  • Cut automat
  • Sheet support
  • Sheet return

Guillotine Shearing Machine Configuration display

Motor Of The Guillotine Shearing Machine

We use Siemens motors from Germany, This product is widely used in various fields, including industry, transportation, and energy. Siemens motors are known worldwide for their reliability, high efficiency, and outstanding performance.

Motor Of The Guillotine Shear

Electrical Components Of Guillotine Shearing Machine

We use Schneider electrical components from France, which work well even in unstable power conditions and can be easily replaced by customers all over the world.

Electrical Components Of Guillotine Shear

Inverter Of The Guillotine Shearing Machine

We use South Korea’s LG inverter, which has a very fast and accurate positioning function. Usually used with E21S systems.

Inverter Of The Guillotine Shear

Hydraulic Pump Of Guillotine Shearing Machine

We use the American Sunny hydraulic pump: it is a device used to convert mechanical energy to hydraulic energy.

Sunny is a well-known brand in the United States, providing good and powerful power for the entire hydraulic system, such as mechanical hydraulic system, the hydraulic braking system of vehicles, hydraulic power of industrial equipment, etc., They provide high-pressure, high-force, and precise control of hydraulic energy, can achieve a variety of complex movements and operations.

Hydraulic Pump Of Guillotine Shear

Optional Device For HUNSONE

Light curtain: is a safety device used to protect the safety of the operator during the operation of the shearing machine. It detects whether there are objects or people entering the dangerous area of the guillotine shearing machine by emitting infrared beams and receiving reflected beams. If an object or person enters a dangerous area, the light curtain will immediately stop the operation of the guillotine shearing machine to avoid accidents.

Pneumatic back support: refers to the process of separating the cut material from the shearing machine after the shearing machine completes the cutting operation. This process is usually done by auxiliary equipment or operators to ensure that the cut material can leave the shearing machine smoothly, ready for the next cutting operation.

Light curtain
Pneumatic back support

Descriptive Summary

In summary, the guillotine shearing machine is a reliable and efficient metal cutting equipment. It is simple in structure easy to maintain, and can achieve high precision and fast cutting of sheet metal. Suitable for a variety of metal materials, widely used in machinery manufacturing, metal processing, and other fields.

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