HUNSONE CNC takes you to understand the Numerical Control Bending Machine

Numerical Control Bending Machine is a kind of metal bending machine controlled by numerical control system. It can achieve fast and accurate bending and bending of sheet metal and is widely used in the metal processing industry.

The main components of the Numerical Control Bending Machine include the fuselage, hydraulic system, numerical control system, and mold. The working principle is that the pressure provided by the hydraulic system drives the upper and lower mold movement on the fuselage to achieve the bending of the metal sheet. The NC system is responsible for controlling the up and down movement, bending Angle, and position of the fuselage to achieve accurate bending operation.

Numerical Control Bending Machine advantages :

Automatic control: Through the precise control of the NC system, the automatic bending operation can be achieved to improve production efficiency and product quality.

High accuracy: The NC system can monitor and adjust the position and Angle of the fuselage in real-time, making the bending results more accurate and consistent.

Strong flexibility: by adjusting the parameters of the NC system, the bending of different angles and radii can be achieved to meet the needs of various sheet metal processing.

Easy to operate: the NC system has a friendly operation interface, the operator only needs to input the required bending parameters, and the machine can automatically complete the bending process.

HUNSONE Numerical Control Bending Machine introduction :

HUNSONE Hydraulic press brakes adopt a whole welding structure, the main parts annealing treatment, releasing internal stress. The frame and ram are processed at one time completely by a heavy-duty boring and milling machine. HUNSONE configurations are all the best worldwide brands, like Germany HAWE pressure gauge, South Korea LG Inverter, and USA VICKERS hydraulic valve. Other factories use domestic brands, for example, fake Rexroth hydraulic valves, made in Changzhou, China. One-key release fast clamps to change toolings quickly. The side and rear metal safety guards meet European safety standards.

Differentiated Advantages of HUNSONE :

Bending Method:

Only HUNSONE uses a pressure-controlled bending method that is faster and two or three times more productive than the traditional pressure-holding method in other factories. HUNSONE uses German HAWE pressure gauges to keep high repeating bending accuracy. Other factories use cheaper domestic pressure gauges. When they use the single-action function,  Their pressure-holding time is decided by the worker. Under the same bending force, but different holding times, the bending angle will be a little different due to the rebound of the metal sheets.

Numerical Control Bending MachineConnection Between Torsion Bar and Cylinders :

HUNSONE Numerical Control Bending Machine uses two slide bases to connect the cylinders, the gap only has 0.05mm. Lubrication oil in the slide base maintains less friction at all times.  Other factories use connecting arms and fix them with screws, so the gap will slowly become large. Or use gear and rack structure with high friction.

Numerical Control Bending Machine Cylinders :

The cylinder consists of a piston and a cylinder body. Many manufacturers use hollow pistons, but HUNSONE uses solid pistons, which are heavier, more stable, and more durable.

Controller System ESTUN E21 :

 ■Back gauge and ram stroke control

■ Intelligent and unilateral positioning

■ Work-piece counting function

■ Holding/decompression time setting

■ 40programs stored, 25 steps per program

■ One key back- up/restore of parameters

The main characteristics of Numerical Control Bending Machine:

NC operation: The NC bending machine is equipped with a computer numerical control system, the operation panel has a clear interface and operation buttons, easy to operate. Through the system, users can program and adjust the parameters in the bending process, such as bending Angle, bending length, etc., to meet different processing needs.

High precision bending: The Numerical Control Bending Machine uses a servo motor to drive the lifting and pushing action, which can accurately control the bending Angle and position, making the bending forming more accurate and precise.

Multifunctional application: The Numerical Control Bending Machine can be applied to different kinds of metal sheets, such as steel, aluminum, stainless steel, etc. It can complete various bending forms, such as V-type bending, U-type bending, Z-type bending, etc., and flexibly respond to different processing needs.

Efficient production: Numerical Control Bending Machine has high production efficiency and a high degree of automation. It can achieve continuous processing by setting pre-programmed procedures, reducing manual operation, and improving production efficiency and work efficiency.

Reliability and stability: The Numerical Control Bending Machine uses high-quality parts and structural design, with strong stability and durability. It can run stably for a long time to ensure production quality and continuity.

Numerical Control Bending Machine is a widely used metal processing equipment with high precision, high efficiency, and stable reliability, which provides convenience and benefit for industrial production. Friends, if you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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