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CNC Bending Machine With ESA 875 For Metal Sheet



  1. 21.5″ designed for multi touch screen
  2. Support ESA 3D Bend software
  3. Maximum up to 8+1axis
  4. Support import of tools shapes (.dxf ifles)
  5. Support management of tool library
  6. Equip standard industry 4.0 Modbus TCP interface

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CNC bending machine with ESA 875 for metal sheets has almost the same functions as DA66T and DA69T, but cheaper. It adopts DZDY brand CNC crowning system allows the user to compensate for beam deformation during the bending process, ensuring a consistent angle along the entire length of the sheet.

Hunsone configurations are worldwide brands, Italy Givi grating ruler, USA sunny pump, Germany Siemens main motor, France Schneider electric components, Japan Yaskawa servo motor and drive. The light curtain is included for free.

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