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CNC Gantry V Groove Machine For Metal Sheet



  1. CNC Controller-Taiwan HUST A60IBL19
  2. Self-repairing function for the table surface
  3. 60mm low alloy working table
  4. Precision bronze gears and rack and pinion
  5. SFSR silent ball screws and QH silent guide rails to ensure high precision.
  6. Sensor ensures the safety of the operator.

Description >>

CNC gantry V groove machine is designed with a frame structure for the base and crossbeam, and the working table is made of 60mm low alloy. The frame uses a Q345 steel plate. So the machine has high-strength structural, very rigid and durable.

The horizontal grooving machine has a self-repairing function for the table surface and can be changed according to customers’ requirements too, which ensures machining accuracy.

CNC grooving machine supports CAD/CAM auxiliary programming. Support for mobile phone APP customized configuration monitoring, remote network system firmware upgrade, and assistance with fault diagnosis and troubleshooting. Mixed control of the bus axis and general purpose axis, with position, speed, and torque control methods can be switched in real time to meet more complex process requirements.

Gantry V Groove Machine 1 Gantry V Groove Machine 2 Gantry V Groove Machine 3 Gantry V Groove Machine 4 Gantry V Groove Machine 5Gantry V Groove Machine parameter 6Gantry V Groove Machine parameter



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