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Guillotine Shears For Sheet Metal With DAC360T



  1. Blade gap can be adjusted electrically
  2. Shearing angle can be adjusted automatically according to different sheet thickness
  3. Japan Yaskawa Servo motor and driver
  4. Switzerland imported the Racle brand valve
  5. Shear over 10% of the standard

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Hunsone guillotine shears use longer blades, with fewer splices, fewer cutting marks, and a neater cutting effect. Hunsone hydraulic guillotine shearing machine can cut over 10% of the standard. No distortion when cutting very thick sheets. The cutting process is very easy. We use thicker sheets than other factories for walls and worktables.

Hunsone uses the best Japan-imported YASKAWA servo motor and driver. High back gauge positioning accuracy. Switzerland imported the Racle brand valve, smooth and reliable, low noise, and long lifespan.

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Guillotine shearing machine parameters

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