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NC Hydraulic Press Brake With E21 Controller



  1. Easy operation and most economy
  2. 40programs stored, 25 steps per program
  3. One-key release fast clamp
  4. Chinese and English
  5. Korea LG inverter with faster and more accurate positioning

Description >>

NC hydraulic press brake with E21 controller uses two slide bases to connect the cylinders, the gap only has 0.05mm. Other factories use connecting arms and fix them with screws, so the gap will slowly become large. Or use gear and rack structure with high friction.

Hunsone uses solid piston cylinders, more stable and more durable. Other factories use hollow pistons. Hunsone uses thicker sheets for wall, worktable, and ram, our actual shipping weight will not be less than the quotation. Many factories will write very heavy here, but they use thinner sheets, when shipping, the machine’s actual weight will be much less.

press brake E21_01
E21_02 E21_03 E21_04 E21_05E21_06

NC press brake parameter



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