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Q35Y Multifunctional Hydraulic Ironworker


  • Hole punching
  • Sheet bending
  • Sheet notching
  • Flat sheet cutting
  • Angle steel cutting
  • Channel steel cutting
  • Louver hole punching
  • Square and round steel cutting

An ironworker Machine is a machine tool equipment that integrates metal cutting, punching, plate shearing, bending, and other functions. It has the advantages of simple operation, low energy consumption, and low maintenance cost. It is a modern manufacturing industry (such as metallurgy, metallurgy Bridge, telecommunications, electric power, military, and other sectors) metal processing equipment of choice. Ironworker Machine is divided into Hydraulic Ironworker Machine and Mechanical Ironworker Machine.


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Multifunctional Hydraulic Ironworker is a machine for manual shearing, cutting and blanking of metal materials. It uses overlapping two-stage levers, sliders, etc., to drive the slide plate equipped with three types of shear blades up and down, and the fixed blade mounted on the frame to complete the shearing and punching process. This machine has a compact structure, small volume, light weight and easy to operate. Excluded the old mechanical shearing machine gear rotation part, vulnerable, easy to bad, noisy and other shortcomings excluded the hydraulic shearing machine, hydraulic components and electrical parts easy to failure and oil seepage and other shortcomings. Easy to operate, high shear accuracy, can be programmed to set the width of the shear plate material and the number of times. Shear the power required less, less power consumption, energy saving, low noise. Advanced manufacturing structure, less wearing parts, no maintenance.

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