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W12 Four-Roller Hydraulic Metal Sheet Rolling Machine


  • CNC rolling programming.
  • Four-roller machine structure.
  • Hydraulic working method.
  • Pre-bending available.

CNC Four-Roller plate rolling machine, which is controlled by a CNC system to form a circle at one time, with a pre-bending and moving cone device, you can choose the coil support, and the coil support is left and right. It is the best choice for large coils with powerful functions, suitable for mass production, improved work efficiency, and saves labor.


Description >>

  • This machine is a hydraulic four-roller bending machine and used to do pre-bending the end of plate, rolling it into round, cone and other shapes. Four roller bending machine is recognized as the fastest, most accurate, most likely to use the machine.
  • The rest of the straight edge segment is greatly reduced-only one end of the board is fed. There is also the source of its outstanding pre bending capacity: clip point completely fell on the edge of the plate.
  • Automatic feeding material-with the feed side of the opposite side of the rear roll, can be used as a rear stop material, the plate immediately into a right angle parallel position, sheet metal flat easy, single operation can.
  • After the correction of the plate, the upper and lower parts of the middle of the clip to the middle of the clamp, so it is safe and easy to operate, there is no risk of sheet slippage.
  • In the front of the plate, the diameter of the cylinder can be made immediately. Because only in the machine tool side need to enter the space can be used, which means that the operation of the machine tool is less space.
  • After the cylinder volume is made, the end of the roll is made. A cylinder by bending forming.
  • Taper coil is easy, can be rolled to the biggest angle of 30 degree cone. The side roll is inclined to determine the angle of the cone, and the center of the lower center can also tilt, clamp and drive plate.
  • In the rolling process, ensure the plate clamping and driving, four roller bending machine is the single most applicable on the NC and CNC systems through effective control of the bending machine.
  • In the cylinder after rolling, rolling on the tail edge (four roller bending machine can bend ahead, can also bend back). A cylinder by bending forming.

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