Wow! How to Quickly Understand Swing Beam Shearing Machine

Introduction to Swing Beam Shearing Machine

The pendulum shearing machine adopts a fixed blade and a swinging shearing mechanism, which can achieve a high precision cutting, and the incision is neat and straight. The pendulum shearing machine is suitable for cutting a variety of metal materials, including steel plate, stainless steel, aluminum plate, etc., widely used in metal processing, manufacturing, and other fields. The pendulum shearing machine is composed of a frame, knife base, blade pendulum rod, etc, the structure is simple and compact, easy to maintain and operate.

Basic principle: The sheet metal is placed on the base and secured by a clamping device. The blade on the arm swings down towards the sheet metal, and the cut material falls off the base.

Structure composition: including base, knife arm, blade, and pressing device.

Application fields: such as metal processing, manufacturing, and so on.

Advantages Of Swing Beam Shearing Machine

Cheap price: The price of pendulum scissors is relatively cheap, and customers can choose pendulum scissors in the case of a limited economy.

Fast cutting speed: The pendulum shearing machine adopts the structure of the swinging knife arm, which can quickly carry out cutting operations and improve production efficiency.

High cutting accuracy: The design of the blade and the structure of the knife arm make the cutting process more stable and can achieve high cutting accuracy.

Wide range of applications: The pendulum shearing machine is suitable for cutting a variety of metal materials, such as steel plate, aluminum plate, copper plate, etc., and can meet the needs of different industries and applications.

Easy operation: The operation of the pendulum shearing machine is relatively simple, and the cutting operation can be completed only by controlling the button or foot switch.

Swing Beam Shearing Machine System


● Back gauge ( X-axis ) movement control.

● Control AC motor or inverter.

● Intelligent and unilateral positioning.

● Work- piece counting function.

● Double programmable digital output.

● 40 programs stored, 25 steps per program.

● One key backup/restore of parameters.

● Unit for mm/inch.

● Language for Chinese / English

The Main Configuration Of The Swing Beam Shearing Machine

Swing Beam Shearing Machine Hydraulic Valve

We use Germany Rexroth hydraulic valve: In the field of hydraulic valves, Rexroth has a tradition of providing products with high quality, performance, and reliability. As a professional supplier of hydraulic valves, Rexroth can provide different models and specifications of hydraulic valves according to specific application requirements to meet the requirements of the Swing beam shearing machine in the cutting and working process.

Swing Beam Shearing Machine Electrical Components

We use Schneider Electric from France. Schneider is a leading global provider of electrical and automation solutions. The company offers a wide range of electrical components and systems to meet the needs of different industries and markets.

Inverter Of Swing Beam Shearing Machine

We use Korean LG inverters, which are widely used in a variety of industries and applications, including industrial manufacturing, energy, construction, transportation, and more. They are used to control the start, stop, acceleration, deceleration, and steady operation of motors, providing precise motor control and energy efficiency optimization.

Article Summary

Swing Beam Shearing Machines are widely used in the metal processing industry, such as sheet metal processing, automobile manufacturing, ship construction, machinery manufacturing, and other fields. It can cut metal sheets efficiently and has an important role and application value. In summary, the pendulum shearing machine is a metal cutting equipment with a simple structure and convenient operation. It can achieve high-precision cutting, is suitable for a variety of metal materials, widely used in the metal processing industry. It should be noted that the cutting speed of the pendulum shears is relatively slow, which is suitable for the cutting task of fine metal sheets.

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