A press brake is a machine tool used in metal fabrication to bend and shape metal sheets and plates. It is specifically designed for precision bending operations in which a high level of accuracy and repeatability is required.

The press brake consists of a hydraulic or mechanical press that exerts a force on a workpiece to bend it. The workpiece, typically a metal sheet or plate, is placed on a flat surface called the bed or lower die. The upper portion of the press brake, known as the ram or upper die, descends and applies pressure to the workpiece, causing it to bend along a predetermined axis.

Press brakes are equipped with a variety of tooling options to accommodate different bending requirements. The tooling includes a lower die, which remains fixed, and an upper punch, which is attached to the ram and can be changed to achieve different bending angles and shapes. The press brake operator positions the workpiece accurately and adjusts the tooling accordingly to achieve the desired bend.

Press brakes offer a high level of control over the bending process, allowing for precise bending angles, lengths, and depths. They are widely used in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, construction, and metal fabrication, for manufacturing components such as brackets, frames, enclosures, and panels. Press brakes are known for their versatility, efficiency, and ability to handle a wide range of metal materials and thicknesses.

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