Why Is It Called High Precision Punching Machine?

High precision punching machine is a kind of advanced mechanical equipment specially used for metal processing, it has many complete functions to meet the needs of precision metal processing, its name comes from its main working principle. Punching machine through the way of stamping and impact, the mold and metal materials to apply high pressure, so that metal materials shear, punching, bending and other processing. Punches are widely used in automobile manufacturing, home appliance manufacturing and other industries, and play an important role in large-scale metal processing.

Main Structure Of High Precision Punching Machine:

Fuselage: The fuselage of the high-precision press is usually composed of high-strength cast iron or welded components, with good strength, high precision and stable operation to provide stable foundation support and rigidity. Longitudinal crankshaft, compact structure, beautiful appearance.

Slide block: The slide block adopts rectangular hexahedral guide rail, bronze liner plate, high guiding accuracy. The slider is the moving part of the punch, usually cast from cast iron or steel. The slider is reciprocated by crank mechanism or hydraulic system during operation. There is a balance cylinder on the slider to achieve the balance of the slider in case of emergency connecting rod, can slowly move the slider to stop the movement.

Frame: The frame is the main frame structure that supports the slide and other components of the press. It is usually constructed of steel and is strong and rigid enough to withstand the forces and vibrations during processing. Load height to achieve electric adjustment, digital display height adjustment.

Crank mechanism: The crank mechanism is a common power transmission device in the punch press, which converts the rotating motion of the spindle into the reciprocating motion of the slider. The crank mechanism usually includes a spindle, connecting rod and crank. The pneumatic friction clutch and brake are combined to engage smoothly.

Conveying system: High precision presses are usually equipped with a conveying system for automatically feeding raw materials (such as metal plates) into the press for processing, and automatically discharging the machined parts. The conveying system can be used in various ways, such as feed rollers, feed rods, etc. Collapsible overload safety device (optional hydraulic overload safety device). The gas circuit adopts double valve control, and the action is sensitive. Electric fuel pump, automatic refueling.

Control system: The control system is an important part of the high-precision punching machine, which is used to control the parameters and functions of the punching machine. Modern presses generally use computer digital control (CNC)_ system, can achieve automatic processing, improve production efficiency and accuracy.

Some Of The Main Functions Of The High Precision Press:

Punching and cutting function: high precision punching machine can punch, cut, rectangular cutting and other operations of metal sheet through the mold. It can complete a large number of punching and shearing processing in a short time to improve production efficiency.

Bending function: The high precision press is equipped with a bending die, which can accurately bend and form the metal sheet. It can realize the bending of metal sheets at different angles and curves to meet the requirements of various complex shapes.

Drawing function: The high precision punching machine can be stretched to metal materials by drawing molds. It can stretch metal materials into thin wires, pipes and other shapes, and is widely used in wire, steel pipe and other industries in the manufacturing industry.

Forming function: The high precision punching machine can process the metal material through the forming mold. It can press metal materials into various shapes of parts, such as auto parts, home appliance parts and so on.

Production automation functions: high-precision presses are usually equipped with advanced automation systems, such as automatic feeding, automatic discharge and other functions. It can automate production, reduce manual intervention, and improve production efficiency and accuracy.

Precision control function: high precision punching machine has accurate machining control ability. It can precisely control the machining parameters through the numerical control system to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the machining size, shape and position.

Fault detection and safety protection function: The high-precision punching machine is equipped with fault detection and safety protection device, which can monitor the operating status of the equipment, and alarm and stop in time when there is an anomaly, to ensure the safety of operators and equipment.

In addition, according to the actual application needs, the press can also be equipped with other components and accessories, such as molds, tools, lubrication systems, safety devices, etc., to meet different processing needs and improve work efficiency. These functions make high-precision presses one of the indispensable equipment in modern industrial production, providing efficient, stable and high-precision solutions for the precision machining of various workpieces. Overall, the structural design and configuration of the press will vary according to the specific application scenario and workpiece processing requirements.

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