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Vertical V-Grooving Machine

The vertical v-grooving machine is called “vertical” because its main shaft and grooving machine shaft are perpendicular to the table. In a vertical v-grooving machine the workpiece is usually placed horizontally on the work table, while the vertical grooving machine is cut vertically down. This vertical cutting mode makes the vertical grooving machine suitable for cutting tasks on workpiece surfaces such as planing notches and grooves.

Detailed Structure Of Vertical V-Grooving Machine:

Machine Bed: welded from cast iron or steel plate, with sufficient rigidity and stability.HUNSONE CNC vertical v-grooving machine base crossbeams are all box-type structure, optimized by finite element design, CNC milling machine before welding, fully ensure that there is no gap between the plate and the plate, after welding by tempering furnace to eliminate residual stress, the overall rigidity is good, good accuracy retention, long service life.

Headstock: mounted on the bed, contains the main shaft and the grooving machine shaft. The main shaft drives the grooving machine to cut.

Transmission Mechanism: composed of a motor and a transmission device, the power of the motor is transmitted to the main shaft by belt, gear, etc. The servo motor is Taiwan, with high precision and fast speed, the grooving speed can reach 130m/min, with low noise. The linear guide rail is matched with Taiwan HIWIN or Japan THK, the ball screw is matched with Taiwan PMI, and it is equipped with automatic oiling distributor lubrication to ensure the smoothness of the whole machine when running at high speed.

Table: Mounted on the machine bed to support the workpiece and hold the fixture .Fixed pressing part is the use of intensive independent clamps can plan the groove of various-shaped plates.

Variable speed mechanism: By adjusting the cutting speed, adapt to different workpiece materials and processing requirements.The whole machine table accuracy of ±0.03mm can plan a 5mm thick stainless steel plate, grooving high strength, grooving surface flat and smooth, no grooving vibration pattern. Grooving 0.5 mm stainless steel lines will not roll the plate, have good dimensional accuracy, and can groove off metal plates.

Support and guide mechanism: ensure the accuracy and stability of the movement of the spindle and the table .

Cutting tools: common vertical v-grooving machine, slot grooving machine, etc., used for notch cutting.

Automatic feed device: used to control the feed speed and feed rate of the spindle to achieve automatic processing.Backgauge clamping part: automatic metal sheet in and out, clamping overall straightness ±0.02mm. , parallelism ±0.03mm.

Cooling device: used to reduce friction heat during cutting and protect tools and workpieces. Compressed air blowing and cooling system: both prevent cutting waste from scratching the surface of the workpiece and increase the service life of the tool by cooling it. The addition of multiple pairs of blowing systems on the same side of the press system of the machine greatly ensures the collection of scrap .

Vertical V-Grooving Machine CNC AXIS :

X axis :Control the left and right movement of the beam

Y axis :Control the back and forth movement of the backgauge

Z1 axis :Control the up-down movement of the tool holder

Z2 axis :Control the up-down movement of the second tool holder

In short, the vertical v-grooving machine is called “vertical” because its cutting mode and structural characteristics make the grooving machine knife cut perpendicular to the table, thus achieving a stable, efficient and accurate cutting operation.The term “vertical” indicates the working mode and structural characteristics of the grooving machine. In a vertical slotting machine, the workpiece is usually placed horizontally on the work table, while the grooving machine is cut vertically down. This vertical cutting mode allows the grooving machine to perform accurate and stable cutting operations on the workpiece surface.

The Vertical Cutting Mode Of the Vertical V-Grooving Machine Has The Following Advantages:

Cutting stability: Because the grooving machine is cut vertically down, the cutting force and cutting vibration can be effectively controlled, thus improving the stability and accuracy of the cutting.Vertical v-grooving machines usually have a strong structure and a stable table to ensure the stability and accuracy of the processing process.

Cutting efficiency: The cutting mode of the vertical v-grooving machine enables the grooving machine to continuously cut on the workpiece surface, improving the cutting efficiency and processing speed.The vertical grooving machine uses specially designed planing tools to achieve fine planing effect and process a smooth and flat wood surface.

Strong adaptability: The vertical v-grooving machine is suitable for cutting tasks on the surface of the workpiece such as planing notches and grooves, and can meet the processing needs of different shapes and sizes of the workpiece.Vertical grooving machines usually also have a variety of functions, such as cutting, chamfering, etc., to meet different processing needs.

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