The E21 Controller System Of Press Brake And The E21S Controller System Of Shearing Machine Controller Introduction 

The E21 controller system and The E21S controller system are the most commonly used controllers for hydraulic NC bending machines and hydraulic shears in China.

E21 Controller System

Functional Characteristics Of E21 System And E21S System

The E21 Controller System Has The Following Main Features And Functions:

E21 Controller System (3)

Easy to use: The E21 controller system features an intuitive graphical interface and easy-to-use menus that allow operators to get started quickly. It also has fault diagnosis and fault alarm functions to facilitate the timely handling of problems.

High-precision control: The E21 controller system can precisely control the movement of the bending machine to achieve high-precision bending operation. It can automatically calculate and adjust the bottom dead center and top dead center position to ensure that the bending Angle of each workpiece is accurate.

Multifunctional operation: The E21 controller system supports multiple modes of operation, including manual mode, automatic mode, and procedural mode. In manual mode, the operator can manually control the button for bending operation; In automatic mode, the system can automatically complete the bending process according to the preset parameters; In program mode, operators can write and store multiple process programs to achieve mass production.

Reliable and stable: The E21 controller system uses high-performance controller and electrical components, with good stability and reliability. It supports a variety of communication interfaces and can exchange and connect data with external devices to achieve more flexible production and management.

The E21S CNC System Has The Following Main Features And Functions:

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Digital control: The E21S system adopts digital control and operates programs through a digital interface. Users can easily set the cutting parameters, such as cutting length, cutting Angle, etc.

Simple and easy to use: E21S system is easy to operate and learn, without complex programming knowledge. The user only needs to follow the instructions on the operation interface to complete the cutting work.

Multi-function Settings: The E21S system supports a variety of cutting modes and parameter Settings, which can meet the cutting requirements of different workpieces. Users can flexibly set and adjust according to their needs.

Automatic control: The E21S system can realize the automatic control of the cutting process, including automatic positioning, automatic homing, automatic cutting, and other functions. This greatly improves the production efficiency and working accuracy.

High-precision control: The E21S system adopts a precision servo drive system, which can realize high-precision control of shear position and Angle. High cutting accuracy and repeatability can be achieved through programming Settings.

How To Prevent Faults Of E21 Controller System And E21S Controller System

Timely troubleshooting is one of the first tasks of any system. If any system fault or exception is detected, rectify the fault in time. Simple troubleshooting can be carried out if the operator has the maintenance ability; For complex faults, the manufacturer or professional maintenance personnel should be contacted in time for maintenance.

Prevent E21 Control System Failures

Regular equipment maintenance: Regular inspection and maintenance of the NC press and E21 controller system components, such as electrical components, sensors, hydraulic systems, etc. Clean and lubricate key parts to ensure proper operation of equipment.

Pay attention to operation specifications: The operator should operate the NC bending machine according to the operation manual and operation procedures to avoid system faults caused by operation errors. Do not overload the use of equipment, and reasonable arrangement of output, to avoid overuse and excessive wear.

Periodic calibration system: Periodically calibrate the reference points and parameters of the E21 controller system to ensure the accuracy and stability of the system. In particular, the position of the bottom dead center and the top dead center need to be checked and corrected regularly.

Take protective measures: Install appropriate protective devices and safety switches to ensure the safety of operators. During the operation, pay attention to avoid hand contact or close to the mechanical parts to avoid accidents.

Make system backups: Periodically backup the parameters, processes, and data of the E21 controller system to prevent data loss or system damage that cannot be restored.

Prevent E21S Control System Failures

Regular equipment maintenance: Regular inspection and maintenance of the shears and E21S system components, such as tool holder, blade, transmission, etc. Clean and lubricate mechanical parts to ensure proper operation of equipment.

Pay attention to operation specifications: the operator should operate the shearing machine according to the operation manual and operating procedures of the equipment to avoid system failure caused by wrong operation. Avoid exceeding the rated cutting capacity of the equipment, arrange the cutting task reasonably, and avoid overuse and excessive wear.

Regular calibration system: Regular calibration of E21S system parameters, especially important parameters such as tool position and tool pressure. Ensure system accuracy and stability.

Take protective measures: ensure that the safety protection device of the machine is in good condition and keeps its effective operation. Operators should wear relevant personal protective equipment, pay attention to safe operation, and avoid hand contact with mechanical parts, to avoid personal injury accidents.

Back up the system: Periodically back up important files such as parameters, cutting procedures, and data of the E21S system to prevent data loss. Data can be backed up by external storage devices or cloud storage to ensure data security and recoverability.

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